Company Profile

Hybrid Seed Company NZ Ltd is committed to the supply of high quality hybrid cucurbits, and hybrid intermediate day length onions.

We are a small research driven, innovative seed company, based in New Zealand.  Since our establishment in the mid 1990ís we have released a range of new quality hybrids used in many environments around the world.

Our company has an extensive research program which allows us to continually develop innovative and novel varieties.  Doug Grant, the scientist in charge of our ground breaking research program, has extensive experience in scientifically based plant breeding and genetics. His belief is that a strong genetic base within the breeding program is the competitive advantage that Hybrid Seed Company has over other vegetable seed companies around the world.

Seed Production
Seed quality is an important factor in the supply of premium hybrid seed to the world market.  With a focus on quality, our seed production business ensures that our clients only receive the very best product.  As well as producing seed in New Zealand we use selected environments around the world to ensure every hybrid has seed of the highest quality. Once cleaned and conditioned our seed is packed into sealed containers and placed in controlled atmosphere storage prior to distribution to our marketing agents throughout the world.

The sale of our quality hybrids is managed through a world wide network of exclusive marketing agents.  Our contacts page has links to these partners, or alternatively enquiries can be made directly to Mark Johnson our business manager who will direct you to the appropriate local agent.

As a research based company we are pleased to be supplying advanced genetic products which increase profits to farmers throughout the world.


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